Fash! Geek: 48 hours in Rome during the summer : what to see, where to eat and what to do in the evening

48 hours in Rome during the summer : what to see, where to eat and what to do in the evening

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Are you planning a weekend Made in Italy? If you never been to Rome before (but even if you already have, and you surely can’t wait to go back) our suggestion is: get your ticket! Our TBS Crew was there last week and we were able to find some time off to visit the city and enjoy an excellent carbonara! Here is our guide to spend 48 hours in Rome during the summer, what to see, where to eat and what to do at night. Enjoy!
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    Da Teo (piazza dei Ponziani, 7). Positioned in a delightful little square in the more quite side of Trastevere, this is definitely one of our favorite places; we celebrated Chiara’s birthday here! The menu is all traditional (but they also have a superb raw fish). Amatriciana and gricia -if it’s the right season, you should absolutely try the one with fava beans!-, chicory and fried flowers. Our mouth is watering while we’re writing… :P
    Grano (piazza Rondanini, 53). Right in the center of the city, this place offers a revised chic version of Roman cuisine, including gems such as the coda alla vaccinara converted to an hamburger and risotto cacio e pepe with artichokes. We particularly love it in the summer when you can eat in the small outdoor space shaded by umbrellas.
    Ai Marmi (viale di Trastevere 53). The styling of the interiors is not at all impressive (here they call it “the morgue”!) but when talking about pizza, they really know what they’re doing. This pizzeria is the choice of most locals who love “their” pizza very thin and crisp. As appetizers, the classic fried delicacies : dry salted cod fish, courgette flowers stuffed with mozzarella e anchovies and Ascolana olives. The plus? Very quick service and very low prices.
    La Pizza del Teatro (via San Simone, 70). Perfect for a tasty pit stop, this pizzeria by the slice is characterized by the quality of its ingredients (all strictly from the Roman tradition) and the originality of the flavors). Whoever is looking for a margherita can go somewhere else, here you must experiment: mortadella and chickpeas cream, gricia pizza, imagination is the ingredient that makes everything delicious. If it’s a sunny day, eating seated at the outdoor wrought iron tables enjoying the wonders of the ancient and contemporary Rome is totally worth it.
    Making a list is useless: to see Rome a week would not be enough, let alone 48 hours. Let’s leave the advices on museums and excavations to the art and history guides, we suggest visiting 4 places out in the open to enjoy the beauty of the city. And you won’t even need a ticket!
    Villa Celimontana (via della Navicella, 12). Smaller and less crowded than Villa Borghese, is one of the most beautiful parks of the city located right in its center. Archeological ruins from different times and origins are spread all over (including an Egyptian obelisk), offering a very evocative oasis of peace.
    Gianicolo. If you’ve watched Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty you’ll remember the first scene in which the chorus sings while images of a fountains are displayed. That is the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola also known as Er Fontanone and is located here in the Gianicolo, from which you can admire one of the most beautiful views of Rome.
    Villa del Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta. If you see a bunch of people lined up in front of gate and waiting to peek through a door catch, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. This villa is in fact normally closed to the public (you can visit it in groups and by appointment only), who comes here to see the interesting optical sleight that allows you to perfectly see St. Peter’s dome through the keyhole.
    Giardino degli Aranci (via di Santa Sabina). This is what all Romans call Parco Savello, a small terrace on the Aventine Hill overlooking the river Tiber. The wonderful view of the city, makes it the ideal spot to enjoy a romantic sunset with your loved one.
    Bar del Fico (piazza del Fico 26). One of the most traditional meeting points for and early drink; very crowded in and outside. The plus: the restaurant, owned by them and right next door to the bar. Tasty and well attended, it’s a perfect combination for those who look for a place where to enjoy a dinner followed by a drink.
    Piazza della Madonna dei Monti. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! And they often choose this little square for a casual cocktail. To be like them, just order a beer at the kiosk and enjoy it on the steps of the fountain.
    Freni e Frizioni (via del Politeama 4/6). Another classic meeting spot for the Romans. An old garage transformed into bar; the counter still has all the drawers that once stored bolts and tools and the cocktails are amazing!

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