Fash! Geek: sky high

sky high

 photo chloeblue9_zps8aq8jmvm.jpg photo chloeblue14_zpsrlqotgoz.jpg photo chloeblue10_zpsrfgdtz2g.jpg photo chloeblue6_zpsfttxnle5.jpg photo chloeblue2_zpszdzpdbkp.jpg photo chloeblue4_zps7gqdhd71.jpg photo chloeblue8_zpspltr2lcn.jpg photo chloeblue3_zpsbczhmgs8.jpg photo chloeblue5_zpscp4sfvel.jpg photo chloeblue13_zpssu5kvjkm.jpg
(Chloé dress and heels)
Looking out over Malibu’s canyons wearing the dreamiest dress that is basically 90% air particle in composition. Spring Chloé has me by the throat. Don’t send for help.

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