Fash! Geek: Cannes weekend guide: what to do, where to eat, what to visit

Cannes weekend guide: what to do, where to eat, what to visit

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Are you planning a weekend in Cannes and looking for suggestions on how to enjoy this small town on the French coast in an unusual way? Here is a little guide (what to do, where to eat, what to visit) dedicated to those who have just a couple of days and don’t want to miss the main attractions of the city and its best restaurants. Have a nice trip :)
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    Gaston Gastounette (6-7 Quai Saint-Pierre). As almost every restaurant in the area, its interiors are quite elegant, but feature a homely and cozy atmosphere. The specialties to be absolutely tried from the menu include seafood, from fresh shellfish to sophisticated soups. The location of this restaurant is just as great: you will be dining overlooking the harbor.
    Le Baoli (Boulevard de la Croisette). One of the busiest places in town, featuring spectacular interiors and outdoor space, dimmed lights, white couches and palm trees for a touch of magic. The cuisine is French and truly excellent; you will be able to choose among meat, seafood and risottos. The price range is a bit high but we believe it’s worth the try, even because the restaurant transforms into a club after dinner.
    Philcat (Promenade de la Pantiero). Cannes does not necessarily equal to pricey restaurants. Its waterfront is filled with kiosks for quick stops. One of these is the Philcat, the ideal spot to find the traditional “pan bagnat” (typical of the nearby Nice), that is basically a sandwich stuffed with ingredients of your choice. Good, cheap and quick!
    Musée de la Castre (Place de la Catre, Le Suquet). Cannes also means art and culture. One of the unmissable stops is the museum located inside a castle of monks. Not far from the Croisette, this museum hosts very original and valuable exhibitions (mainly archeological), ranging from the Primitive Age to the Mediterranean ancient times. Ideal  spot for a visit with kids.
    Castle of Mandelieu La Napoule. One of the most sumptuous and evocative buildings of the French Riviera. Just a few minutes drive from  Cannes this structure is very well worth visiting. Its location right over the sea is unique and the interiors don’t disappoint either. You can, in fact, walk through the gardens mentioned by the French Ministry among the most beautiful of the country. The Castle is open to visitors all year round!
    Palais de Festival (Boulevard de la Croisette). The most important palace of the area and main attraction.  At least once a year, the eyes of the world are on it, since it hosts the famous Festival. Besides being a wonderful building, its rooms host several exhibitions throughout the year. If you happen to be there during the Film Festival don’t miss the chance of bumping into the most famous Hollywood stars.
    Palm Beach. You cannot leave Cannes without enjoying the sea and the sun of the French Riviera on the many beaches by the city. Are you thinking getting a spot on the beach could be extremely expensive? Well  you are not too far from it. There are private beaches like the one of the Carlton Hotel, where the sun beds include luxury service, and there are also public and affordable beaches, as Palm Beach, enjoyable at a more moderate price. During the summer it is crowded with tourists so, wake up early to be the first to arrive!
    Palais de Bulles (Théoule-sur-Mer). Not far from the center of Cannes, you’ll find this peculiar palace completely designed with circular shapes, bought by the designer of Italian origins Pierre Cardin during the 1980’s, electing it as his house-museum. The interiors of the building are enriched with 17th and 18th century artworks of great value, purchased by Cardin himself. Raf Simons chose it as the location for the Dior Cruise 2016 show.
    Not just restaurants, beaches and architecture… Cannes is obviously also shopping! The high-quality of lifestyle still leaves room for different kinds of shopping for all pockets. If you are looking for quality at affordable prices, we suggest walking through rue D’Antibes (where stores of big chains like Zara are located) or rue Meynadier, where you can find typical local shops that offer convenient prices. For bigger budgets the Croisette offers the perfect place to shop. This is where all the luxury boutiques are located.

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