Fash! Geek: Bhutan & Bangkok, A Life Well Traveled

Bhutan & Bangkok, A Life Well Traveled

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bhutan Bangkok, A Life Well Traveled

I’m very lucky to live a life well traveled. Not only do I get to visit some of the most bustling metropolitan cities in the world like Paris, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Rio de Jinero…but I also try to balance those urban experiences with travels to some of the most secluded, rural, physically beautiful small cities and villages around the world.
On this trip I was able to visit both. The hectic growing city of Bangkok and the Land of Happiness, Bhutan.
Recently I visited Bhutan. Like everybody else, I was struck by the dramatically beautiful and raw landscapes, but also by the gentle nature and the serenity of the people. To me a life well traveled means learning about the culture of where you are. For Bhutan, the national pastime is archery. I spent a great afternoon watching these guys drink beers and shoot arrows. I don’t know how they could be so incredibly good shooting arrows across the length of a football field, while also being incredibly good at downing lots of the local beer. It was this contrast that made me feel both like I was in an incredibly exotic place while at the same time it felt familiar. Like I was around guys that I knew who could have just as easily been down  at the park playing softball.
But a life well traveled also means not only looking at the past but learning about the future. I stayed at the Amankora Hotel which you can see from the photographs is the epitome of minimalist design. It always inspires me to be in such a cool place. You might expect that type of modern inspiration to be found in Berlin, not Bhutan. That surprise is what makes it so rewarding.
I can’t wait to go back to Bhutan. Like the best adventures, it leaves you wanting more.
902C8599WebThanks to Cathay Pacific’s support, I was able to visit both Bangkok and Bhutan, which were both two places I really wanted to include in my next book, (of which the above photos are just a small portion of that).
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